In their own words – what it was like for students like you to take the DELF.

[Taking the DELF] reminded me of the EQAO test because there were different sections. It was challenging because the listening was fast, but I enjoyed the oral part because it gave me a chance to prove how well I can speak French. I'm proud of having a certificate that offers proof to future employers that I am fluently bilingual.

- Luca N.

I really enjoyed the experience for the test, I thought it was a great opportunity for us students. And if you pass the test, it’s a great thing to have on a resume. Especially since I’m looking to apply to McGill. I really want to go to McGill - it’s a French environment, right in the heart of Montreal, and it’s a good way to keep learning French and continue speaking it.

- Grade 12 student,
Ottawa Catholic School Board (From the DELF-DALF site)

I want to take the DELF because I’ve been taking French all through public school and high school, so I just want to have some sort of certificate that says, hey, I’m bilingual to an extent...I want to get into journalism when I’m older, so to have that with me would be a big asset.

- Grade 12 student,
Avon Maitland District School Board (From the DELF-DALF site)

The DELF program not only helped me develop my French skills, but also my self-confidence.

- Nicole (From the Durham Catholic District School Board site)

DELF is a great experience. I now want to study French throughout university.

- Chelsea (From the Durham Catholic District School Board site)